Become a Stone Paper Warrior

Do you want to use your talents & skills to stand up against deforestation and help us rally the masses to discover the magic of writing on stone paper? Join us on a mission to hack away at single use paper and reforest the planet.

#ErasableStonePaperNotebooks #WipeToReforest 

Back to Stone Age 

Did you know the paper industry is the 3rd industrial polluter responsible for 17% of all deforestation?

Last time we checked, 30 football fields of forest are cleared every minute. That’s 15 billion trees a year. Just pause and let it sink for a second. Shocking, right?

The problem is that people love writing so much that it drives the demand for more and more paper. And that has consequences for the planet.

That’s why we used stone paper to reimagine traditional notebooks into MOYUs with some serious magical powers:

‣ Exceptional durability - Rewritable up to 500 times
‣ Unparalleled eco-friendliness - No trees, water, or chemicals
‣ Environmentally sound - 100% recyclable paper

MOYU's Team Code

Guiding principles of our Stone Paper Warrior ranks.

  • Nature first. Take actions that contribute to a better planet.
  • Show don't tell. Let results speak for themselves. We value actions over plans.
  • Be rock solid. Be an unwavering source of positive energy for the team.

Meet the team

We see ourselves as pioneers in the paper industry, the guardians of the forest, and the reusable paper champions of the world. After all, we’re in business to reforest the planet.




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