Join the next Evolution in Writing

We are on a mission to fight paper waste and become the norm of sustainable writing. 

Write. Rewrite. Reforest.

Made from stone waste. Turned into art.
Every page is rewritable more than 500 times. 

Our Values

  • Nature first: In every business decision we make, we should decide based on what’s best for our forests and its biodiversity.
  • Life > Work: Our personal life is top priority. If we feel good at home, we can do our best work. 
  • Take Ownership: We help each other, but we don’t fix other people’s problems. We take responsibility in what we do.
  • Learning by Doing: Failing means growing. If we make a mistake, we see it as an opportunity to learn.
  • Honesty & Transparency: We talk openly about our issues and create paths for working through them. 

Meet the founders

Normally we are super quick, don't worry, but since we just welcomed our international rockstars, our English video is still on the roadmap. 

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Meet our sporty team

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