Guerilla Marketing Intern

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Guerilla Marketing Intern

Want to use your communication skills to inspire the next generation of stone paper warriors to stand up against deforestation?

Internship · Office Amsterdam

Your role 

Your main responsibility is pretty straight forward: rally the masses to discover the magic of writing on stone paper. 

People love to write and don't always stop to think how the rising demand for single-use paper accelerates deforestation.

The paper industry is the 3rd industrial polluter contributing to 17% of all deforestation.

Even worse, almost no one knows that there are good alternatives. And those that do hear about stone paper have a hard time believing it's a thing.

This is where you come in as our Stone Paper Warrior Champion.

Your role is to spread the word about MOYU and show future generations that there is an easy way to hack away at single-use paper and contribute to reforesting the planet. And it starts with embracing tree-free paper and changing your writing habits.

Start date: July/August 2023 
End date: Negotiable (minimum 5-6 months)

Your day to day

  • You'll take over the coordination role of the MOYUcuckoo awareness campaign and take it to the next level in which it goes viral. 
  • You'll step into the shoes of Ambassador Liaison to attract more stone paper warriors and coordinate our Ambassador program (page still in construction) 

  • You'll generate new fresh ideas for guerilla marketing campaigns and make sure they get done.

Your super powers 

  • Strong communication skills in English (preferably also in Dutch)
  • Where people see chaos, you see opportunities.
  • You see what needs to be done, you make it your responsibility and you get it done.

  • Do first, ask for forgiveness later type. 

  • You don't turn ideas into plans, you turn them into immediate actions. 

  • You are somewhat addicted to social media channels and know how to make the 40 year olds in our team feel like fossils. 

What we offer

  • Working with and learning from experienced branding professionals
  • Plenty of room to use your creativity to implement new ideas
  • Weekly coaching, training and tools on demand
  • A fair monthly internship compensation
  • Job offer is there is a mutual click after your internship

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